Blasphemy laws & injustice

When blasphemy laws are added to a poor system of justice, then minority groups and moderate co-religionists suffer.

But blasphemy cases, about half of which involve Muslim suspects … point to a more fundamental problem … Pakistan’s broken justice system, corrupt and lacking in expertise, often rewards vendettas and encourages radicalism.

The law against blasphemy – which encompasses vaguely worded prohibitions on insults against Islam – gives radicals a tool with which to bully those who don’t share their hardline religious views. Legal experts say lawyers, witnesses and authorities are frequently intimidated into helping to enforce the law, leading to injustices that bolster militants’ anti-government arguments.

Article, Blasphemy trials in Pakistan reveal a broken justice system.

Further to my Blasphemy law is bad law  and  Crime of Blasphemy.

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