125 for St George’s Sorell

Last Saturday I had the privilege of celebrating with the Parish of Sorell, Richmond and Tasman for the 125th Anniversary of  the ‘new’ building of St George’s Sorell. Afternoon tea and a Service of Thanksgiving led by Revd Jill McCoy made for some fascinating story telling.   

Jill preached on the two questions asked by King Solomon in his prayer of dedication of the Temple: 1. Will God dwell on earth?  and  2. How can a house/temple built by human hands contain God?   1 Kings 8:27   The coming to earth of Jesus Christ is the affirmative answer to the first question. The answer to the second question is ‘No’ no building can contain God and yet God can be experienced in this building (St George’s Sorell). No building can limit God’s presence within it yet God is evidently present in places and spaces hallowed over the years by prayer, the reading of the Bible and the celebration of the sacraments. 

The Parish writes, 

This year marks an important milestone as our church celebrates 125 years of worship in the current building. 




This achievement was celebrated with afternoon tea and a brief thanksgiving service at St George’s Sorell on Saturday 24 April.

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