Anglican Communion-Global South meeting

Please continue to hold our fellowship in the world wide Anglican Communion in your prayers at this time of deep division over the actions of the USA and Canadian Provinces in particular. People in Tasmania are concerned at the crisis and I regularly receive questions and comments as I travel around the Diocese.

The role of the Anglican Covenant is one aspect of resolving the crisis and the Archbishop of Canterbury is urging all the Anglican Provinces to sign on to it. The Diocese of Tasmania is part of the Province of Australia and I support our signing up to the Covenant.

During the week I received a copy of the text of the video link of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s address to the Global South Encounter. He commences,

“It is the work of the Spirit that heals the Body of Christ, not the plans or the statements of any group, or any person, or any instrument of communion,”

I found the following comment on the Global South Encounter of interest,  Frustrated Anglicans seek way forward amid greater tension.

I was privileged to be invited to attend the Fourth Global South Encounter which was held in Singapore this week but due to commitments in Tasmania I declined the invitation.  The Encounter would have been helpful in further understanding the sad crisis in the worldwide Anglican Communion at this time. You can read the main addresses and issues on the aforementioned link to the Global South website.

Will Briggs and I are bringing a motion concerning the Anglican Covenant to our Tasmanian Synod to be held in Launceston in May. Will has extensive coverage of the Anglican Covenant on his blog, God’s’Will.

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