‘GFC’: Two ‘F’s, two GFCs

In my responsibility as a director of World Vision Australia I have become increasingly aware and concerned at the effect of the Global Financial Crisis on food supply – the second ‘F’: Global ‘Food’ Crisis. See Opinion piece by Tim Costello.

An excellent overview Financial Crisis Means More Hunger from The New York Times by The Associated Press published: June 19, 2009, with helpful links:

‘The global financial crisis has pushed the ranks of the hungry to a record 1 billion people, a milestone that poses a threat to peace and security, United Nations food officials said Friday in Rome. Because of war, drought, political instability, high food prices and poverty, hunger now affects one in six people, according to an estimate by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. There are 100 million more hungry people now than last year, the agency said. It defines hunger as the consumption of fewer than 1,800 calories a day.’

Clearly a call for the prayer and generosity of Jesus’ people. See Luke 11:1-13; Matthew 25:31-46, etc, etc.

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