Breakfast Club

I was reading through Anglicare Tasmania’s Annual Report and came across this very encouraging story of one of our very own parishes teaming up with Anglicare to make a difference in student’s lives. I am very grateful to the parish for their ministry in their local community!

Anglicare offers parish grants to encourage churches to respond to the needs of their local community.

One of the projects running this year was a breakfast club at Clarence High School organised by St Mark’s, Bellerive. Each Thursday morning, several members of the parish spend the half hour before classes serving toast, juice, milo and fruit to students.

“We had spoken with students and realised many of them weren’t eating breakfast,” said James Veltmeyer, a youth minister at St Mark’s. “We also found that there were a handful of students arriving at school with only energy drinks and no other food.”

James said the school hsa welcomed the parish’s participation. “The students do look forward to Thursday morning because of breakfast club and there is a safe and good vibe around the canteen area. It is a place where the different grades hang out together and get along.

“We have about ten students from our church and youth groups who go to the school and that has helped to grow relationships, ” he said.

James said two students were planning to complete a food handling course so they could be accredited to help out.

To read the full Anglicare Tasmanian Annual Report 2011-2012 click here.

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