Grades 6 +10 Q&A w/ the Bishop

A great day at LCGS. My thanks to students and staff.

Here are some questions from a Grade 6 class posed to the Bishop on a recent visit to the school:

Some on being a Bishop…

  • What is a bishop? What does being a bishop mean to you?
  • Do you have to be Christened/baptized and then confirmed to be a bishop?

Some personal ones…

  • Have you been a Christian all your life?
  • Have you read all the Bible?
  • Has God spoken to you?

Theological ones…

  • Would we all be related if God made us?
  • If you were in a car crash, got gangrene and your leg had to be amputated, would your leg be waiting for you in Heaven?

On Jesus…

  • Why did they want Jesus dead?
  • Why didn’t Jesus get married?
  • Why do we celebrate Jesus’ death?

A note from the Senior School Chaplain, The Revd Paul Grayston: On the recent Bishop’s Day, Bishop John enjoyed meeting with students.  The Bishop joined us for Roff Chapel, spent lunchtime with the prefects and had a look at classes and activities around the school.  A highlight was a “Q and A” session with a Grade 10 Science class.  The students prepared some fascinating questions, which are worth reading.  The Bishop’s responses helped dispel some myths about the supposed conflict between religion and science and were thoroughly enjoyed by the students.  The students certainly impressed the Bishop with the thoughtfulness of their questioning.

Questions from a Grade 10 Science Class:


In the Bible, there are many instances of incest. Why then do Christians consider it a sin?

If the Bible is a book written by humans, and humans are creatures of error or paraphrasing, how can the Christian Church claim it to be completely authentic to the reality of Jesus’s existence or lack of existence?

Do you consider God an anthropomorphic representation for/of the Christian people’s faith, or was God’s existence the catalyst for the creation of what we consider Christianity?

Don’t you find it creepy that, if God is all-knowing and all-seeing, he can see you in the shower and watch everyone doing everything at any time?   –

Where is God located?  Is he outside the edge of the expanding universe?


How do religion and science affect each other nowadays and how does this compare with the time when you first joined the Anglican Church?

Do you find that your scientific background makes you more open to new/different views on Christian faith as it evolves? And vice versa, do you find that your Christianity makes you more open to new discoveries in science?


Because the world is in such sorts of chaos and views/beliefs on religion have been altered and the creation of atheism has become current. Also such large cases of poverty, war and sadness throughout the world do you think that eventually for ALL to find peace again, fully and completely, we one day must/should/could return to religion?

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