Bible Society: Live the Light in 25 Words

The Bible Society initiative that I am contributing to with 16 daily devotionals in the Book of Jonah:  “Read the Bible with….”

A lot of people think that Bible reading is hard. And maybe that’s why less than two of every ten Christians are engaging with the word of God on a daily basis.

But have you ever noticed that the Bible is made up of chunks of about 25 words? What we call verses. It’s interesting how that’s about the number of words we use on Twitter, in an SMS or a Facebook update.

And that’s the whole idea behind our 2012 campaign: Live Light in 25 words. We’re encouraging Christians to start a Bible reading habit starting with 25 words. We will make the Bible available in all kinds of formats to get them started. It’s our prayer that by starting with this regular reading of a verse or two, people will form a habit of reading God’s Word; a habit that will lighten their hearts and transform their lives. Please see more details about these important Bible reading initiatives: Live the Light in 25 Words.

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