Wisdom about bullying

Below is an excerpt from a helpful article regarding the issue of  ‘bullying’ from the Head of the Senior School at The Hutchins School, Duncan Warlters:

In her research, Cross (2009) indicates that cyberbullying occuring online is in the form of emails, internet messages, text messages, using others’ passwords, posting pictures on the web, pictures on mobile phones, exclusion on the web and sending viruses.  It is also interesting to note from the research that boys are more inclined than girls to ignore the bullying, ask the bully to stop or turn off/block the bully. These are the most appropriate and best methods of dealing with cyberbullying. There is also a need to report it to parents, the carriage provider or even the school.

In the Senior School, mentors have been asked to discuss the role, importance and obligation of bystanders to be more active when they see bullying occurring.

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Also from Hutchins, Cybersafety Watch.

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