God of Life – A Prayer, Draft 1

GOD OF LIFE – A Prayer, Draft 1 [working on my upcoming Synod Address]

God, life creator,

We praise you for your majesty, your power,

your creating word, “Let there be … and there was”

We praise you for the beauty of all that was made, “and it was good”.

Instil in us gratitude for life, for your gift of life.

We thank you for sending us the Word of Life, Your Beloved Son.

God of Life, we praise You.


God, life redeemer,

We praise you for saving us from ourselves;

for your heart to rescue rebels

for your will to make it be

for your sacrifice to set us free.

Empower us through your Spirit

to live free from sin and self

to live free for life in Christ,

the Word of Life, our Rescuer and Redeemer.

God of Life, we praise You.


God, life sustainer,

We praise you for upholding the universe

for indwelling the world you made

for not abandoning us

for Christ in whom we live and move and have our being.

Sustain us by your life-giving Spirit;

may the fruit of the Spirit be abundant

may this abundance flow through our service.

Empower us for your work in your world.

May the One who is the way, the Truth and the Life,

be present in your community of life.

May we be instruments of mercy, peace and justice,

life-giving servants and faithful stewards of your world.

We pray this in the Name of the Word of Life, Jesus Christ.

God of life, we praise You.  AMEN.

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