Euthanasia:priorities questioned

 I was recently interviewed by ABC News Tasmania, along with Archbishop Adrian Doyle, regarding Attorney General Lara Giddings’ recent announcement that she wanted to “work with Greens Leader Nick McKim on rewriting his private member’s bill ” and that “she has the Department of Justice resources at her disposal.”

As the story reported, I am surprised and disappointed by this.

I’m quite dismayed that we would use these resources in this sort of way when we have people in real anguish in our community

We have massive social issues in Tasmania and I’m quite dismayed that we would use these resources in this sort of way when we have people who are in real anguish in our community

Our community is judged by the way we care for the least of our people in terms of least resources and those who have the most need for our love and compassion

Catholic Archbishop of Hobart Adrian Doyle said of the bill,

I think particularly in the light of the fact that this bill was put forward just last year by Mr McKim, and thrown out rather decisively as it was in the Lower House, it never even went to the upper house, I think we’ve got a lot of other issues that we need to be concerned about

My final comment on the fact that the legislation will be revisited,

We’ve looked at this twice, we’ve come to a clear decision and nothing has changed. Say no to this and yes to caring for the Tasmania community in terms of mental health and housing. Let’s get our priorities right here and build a healthy Tasmania

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Euthanasia:priorities questioned — 2 Comments

  1. John,

    Thank you for speeking well against this ill judged legislation. When the previous so called “Dying with Dignity 2009” bill was before the parliamentary review committee they commented:-

    “Whilst palliative care is of a very good standard there is a need to have an improved system of management and resources, particularly in regional areas. … overwhelming agreement, …, that the Tasmanian Government needs to invest sufficient funds and resources in palliative care services in Tasmania.”


    David Owens

  2. Thanks, David.
    Yes, the Attorney General is prepared to put increased resources into pursuing recently rejected social engineering but not into pursuing the palliative care recommendation of the Parliamentary Report!

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