Penguin bell to toll

St Stephen’s Church, Penguin started work on a new roof last year and this year they have put up a new bell! 

Jo Clydesdale of The Advocate  (Thursday May 6, 2010)  writes: 

Bell to draw worshippers
SWEET sounds will now stream from Stephen’s Anglican Church at Penguin each Sunday.
A new bell is the proverbial icing on the cake for this historic building.
Early yesterday morning a cherry picker lifted the bell tower and put the new bell in place.
Through help from the community, funds were raised to mend the roof and restore the bell.
The bell is part of the ongoing restoration of the church. 
It was reported that Mrs Deverell (parish council secretary) said “It’s wonderful for the town” and that “she can’t wait to hear the chime of the bell each Sunday and is keen to be the first to ring it.” 
The restorations of St Stephen’s, Penguin is a wonderful example of ‘the Church in the community’, and the Church and community working together.
I will be dedicating the bells and the renovations when I am at Penguin during the Prayer Pilgrimage and I look forward to seeing the new roof and hearing the bell toll. 

 See also Jo’s article on 5 May 2010, New bell tolls for Penguin church

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