Cathedral ordination celebration

Nervousness, expectation, joy, humour, a noisy mob on a bus from Ulverstone (was it Joanie?), processions, pageantry, prayer, praise and applause – a Cathedral celebration of God’s goodness and grace to his people. What joy! And it was our new Dean of Hobart, Richard Humphrey’s first time at organising an ordination service. Richard, you did well! 🙂

At St. David’s Cathedral, Hobart on Saturday, 21st November, 2009 at 2pm, 

  • Luke Isham was ordained Deacon; a short biography and photo is here. He reflects on Being Anglican.
  • Jeanette Brett was ordained Priest; a short biograhy and photo is here.
  • Christina Campton was ordained Priest; a short biograhy and photo is here
  •  Ann Whittle was ordained Priest; a short biograhy and photo is here.

I had the privilege of leading the retreat of prayer and reflection for the ordinands, Wednesday evening to Saturday midday. We looked at God’s call, our call from the book of Jeremiah, A Prayer Book for Australia and readings from Les Miserables by Victor Hugo [one of the 20 books I would always want with me].

Praise God for his love and grace in the Lord Jesus Christ.


Cathedral ordination celebration — 5 Comments

  1. A special time. Thanks for your encouragement to read. It is a special pleasure, even as the reader struggles with the emotion of Jean Valjean’s joy and sorrows in his graced life. Blessings as you farewell Melbourne friends and the Ridley team.

  2. “Joanie” says she didn’t make the noise, she was just counting up the time till she got to Hobart!

  3. An anonymous letter was received, and I enjoyed it so much I thought I would share it with you:

    A new slant on “Go into the highways and biways to compel them to come in.” Overheard in the Cathedral Close on Saturday following the Ordination. Two men standing by the table enjoying the food. 1st Man “What’s this all about? Who are these people? 2nd Man “I don’t know, I just got off the bus and saw people having a feed and thought I’d have some too”!!

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