On “Undies”, Cultural change and staying sane

We have arguably Tasmania’s greatest observer of cultural change in our ‘Nostalgia Now’ Missioner, Revd Bruce Geeves.

Bruce worked with young people for many years before commencing a new mission venture to seniors in Tasmania nearly 5 years ago. His passion is to relate the life experiences of people to the love and hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bruce’s recent ‘Epistle’ included the following snippet from our culture, and included a pastoral word to those who are struggling:

“Life gets more confusing! Do you remember? When life was so easy. Take for example the simple underpants. You always knew how to put them on because the maker’s label was on the back. When “undies” got trendy they started to put designer labels at the front. You began to feel more that you were built out of shape and added to a lot more confusion already in your life. When you remembered that new undies were made that way the fear subsides. You also feel that you can join the human race again.”

A humorous observation to encourage us to observe Australian culture. Understanding our cultural context is a key to engaging our culture with the Good News of God’s love in Jesus Christ. This makes for effective mission. Thanks, Bruce.

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