Lent Study The God of Life

Lent Study 2015The God of Life” by Bishop John Harrower

God is the God of Life. It is no accident that the great “I Am” sayings of Jesus include the very staples of living: bread and water. And it is not an idle thing that we are invited at Holy Communion to feed on Christ spiritually, in our hearts, by faith with thanksgiving. God desires us to live Christlike lives.

Lent has traditionally been a special season in the growth and development of a Christian’s life. Through looking carefully into our outer and inner lives, with reflection and repentance, we find renewal.

The Holy Spirit takes our prayers, thoughts, questions and study time, and shapes our lives to deeper discipleship.

A special focus on God’s work in us that enables us to experience life in its fullness is explored in each of these five studies:

Study One: Creator of Life
Study Two:
Promiser of Life
Study Three: Sustainer of Life
Study Four:
Rescuer of Life
Study Five: Renewer of Life
Study Six (Holy week) ‘Ruler of Life’ is published on the web site.

May these Lenten studies be to you a life-changing event through the power of the Holy Spirit.

‘God of Life’ is a five part study (plus study 6 on the web) of the readings and Psalms for the Eucharist based on the readings for Year B.

Sample pages of Introduction & Study 1 and Click here for pdf file

Additional material
This is provided on our web pages and a password is NOT needed: Study 6 and Sermon Outlines and additional info. Detail here,

2015 Going Further contains background material for sermons which can equally be used by the Study Group Leader to help understand
some of the study book material better.

1. Background Material for all six studies ( Word version) – Click Here

2. Study 6 (Holy Week) PDF spreads version – Click Here.

3. Study 6 (Holy Week) PDF version for photocopiers with booklet option – Click Here 

Order copies of the Study Book, here.

• Cost $ 9.50 plus postage (No postage on orders 40+)
• Same price as last year.
• Full colour
• Discounts on “The God of Life” for orders 50 and over.
• Books can be ordered and paid for on line or we will send an account.
• The readings are based on the Year “B” lenten lectionary readings using ‘The Australian Lectionary’.


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