Chinese Ministry 25th Anniversary Service 16.11.14

What a privilege and pleasure to have Chinese Brothers and Sisters in Christ in the Anglican family in Hobart and Tasmania.

Now for a quarter of a century, from the beginnings in the Parish of Holy Trinity, North Hobart, to the current ministry at the Trinity Centre at Wellspring Anglican, Sandy Bay, Hobart, the Chinese congregation has been faithful in reaching out with the life-changing Gospel of Christ.

They have followed the way of Christ, reaching out and offering hospitality to students and other Chinese-speaking members of our community.  Within the growing global community of Chinese Christians, this congregation in Hobart has made its contribution of evangelism and discipleship.

Our life as an Anglican Diocese has been enriched through their sharing in the ministry and mission of God’s Church.

I, personally, have had the joy of worshipping with the Brothers and Sisters of this congregation, hearing testimonies of faith, and sharing the joy of baptisms and confirmations.  The opportunity to share with the three Chinese pastors – Jacob, Pang, and Michael – and their families has been valuable to me and a great encouragement.

Like all mature congregations, the Chinese ministry has faced its difficulties.  Many members face the tyranny of distance from loved ones.  The development of understanding by Hobart locals sometimes happens slowly, but it has happened.  The need to support those who have been part of the community, but have now left Hobart, remains a burden for prayer.

In the midst of this, it is clear that the mission of the Chinese congregation flows from the heart of God.  Their participation in this mission of love and salvation is done with great dedication and joy.

As Bishop I thank them for their passion and commitment, and for being faithful to being “in Tasmania” for Jesus.  I can testify to the fruit of their ministry, and what a wonderful encouragement that is to us all!

With this 25th anniversary history we can look back and rejoice at the faithfulness of our Saviour, and look forward with prayer and joy to the One who is the Hope of all nations.

Praise Jesus’ Name!

See Wellspring Chinese Minister, The Revd Michael Chau, here. Chinese language information here.

Note: The words above comes from my ‘Welcome’ in the 25th Anniversary Book distributed at the Anniversary Service on 16 November 2014 at the Wellspring Anglican Church, Sandy Bay in Hobart.

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