Prayers ‘through every stage of life’

Yesterday, I prayed for the leaders of our children’s and youth summer camps. Today, I prayed for our elderly folk at Glenview.

Prompted by the phrase “through every stage of life” in today’s Glenview prayer, I was struck by the similarity in the ethos of the two prayers. Yet the prayers were dealing with opposite ends of life’s journey: young people and elderly people.

Prayer is truly “through every stage of life” and our prayers are shaped by the same truths and ever present need for strengthening and care.

The two prayers:

A. Commissioning Prayer for Anglican Camping Tasmania leaders for our children’s and young people’s camps over the summer holidays, written by Kristina Kettleton.

Father, we give you thanks for each of these leaders here. For their faithfulness to you and the unique gifts you have given them. Thank you that you have given them a passion to serve young people. Thank you that you have called them into this ministry.

Strengthen them for this camping ministry we pray.

Give them a fresh understanding of your grace, your love, and a deep joy in the good news of your salvation.

Give them patience, wisdom, peace, energy and joy both in their preparation, and on camp.

Empower them by your Holy Spirit to be ambassadors for Christ in thought, word and speech. Increase their godliness and their self-control so that all who see them – on camp and in their lives – might know that they are your disciples.

Please use each of these people in your service on the camps they are leading on. Through them, draw many to know Christ and help more to go deeper in their knowledge and love of your Son.

We pray this in the name of Jesus our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

B. At today’s Christmas Service at Glenview I prayed for the elderly residents. The Glenview Prayer:

Heavenly Father, you have laid on all your people a duty of love and care for one another, through every stage of life.

We ask you to bless and strengthen the special ministry of Glenview and all who are involved in it.

Keep in good heart all those for whom Glenview is home.

Free them from anxiety and surround them with your love, your peace, and your joy;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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