Walk Together

May I encourage those of you who are not attending the Tasmanian Council of Churches long planned annual meeting to attend ‘WalkTogether’ on Saturday which aims at unifying Australians from all different backgrounds.

Hobart: 1pm Saturday 23 June, meet in front of the Skills Institute (TAFE), Campbell St. Walking to Princess Wharf Shed 1

At 1pm on June 23, the Saturday of Refugee Week, we’re inviting everyone who is a part of the Australian community to ‘Walk Together’ in recognition that although we’ve all arrived here via different pathways we share a common Australian journey.

We’re Aboriginal Australians, we’re refugees, we’re skilled migrants, we’re long-term Australians, we’re international students, we’re asylum seekers… we’re people. It’s time to Walk Together into a future where diversity is celebrated, fear is replaced with welcome and where everyone belongs.

See more on the Welcome to Australia website.

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