Parliamentary Committee: $1 Bet Limit

Yesterday, I presented the Anglican Church’s case for Poker Machine Reform to the Tasmanian Parliament’s Select Committee on the Gaming Control Amendment Bill 2010 ($1 Bet Limit).

I was very nervous but was made comfortable by the committee members present: Kim Booth, Graeme Sturges and Jeremy Rockliff. The Committee Secretary, Charles, and Kim Booth briefed me helpfully prior to the meeting.

I read the Media Release from the Anglican Bishops’ Meeting of a fortnight ago and also the Anglicare Tasmania Action Sheet on $1 Bet Limit. By reading the statements it meant that they are now part of Hansard record of parliamentary proceedings and therefore accessible to the public. This was bit scary and I trust I have expressed myself clearly.

The conversation was positive with insightful questions and comments. I spoke of the harm done by poker machine gambling and in discussion we spoke of the affect of reducing the $5 Bet Limit to a $1 Bet Limit on the gambling industry, the possibility of transitional arrangements to move from $5 to $1 and of “good” and “bad” profits. Many other matters were discussed.

I strongly encouraged the Committee to carefully read and follow the Report of the Productivity Commission (2010) on Poker Machine Reform. I did confess to a personal interest in their paying good attention to the Commission’s Report as in a former life I had worked as a Project Officer and Director of the Productivity Commission and I could therefore assure them of the Commission’s independence and excellent staff [the latter with due humility 🙂 ].

I do take the opportunity to thank the Committee for their courtesy and engaging with me and each other in significant conversation. Thank you.

See further research by Anglicare Tasmania on Problem Gambling.

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