Thanking the Prime Minister for funding School Chaplaincy

A recent letter I have written to Prime Minister Julia Gillard thanking her for her Government’s funding of the national School Chaplaincy program:

Dear Prime Minister,

Funding for School Chaplains

I write on behalf of Tasmania’s Anglican community regarding Federal Government funding for School Chaplains.

The Synod of the Diocese of Tasmania met last month in Launceston gathering together some 175 delegates from around our island state. This is an annual meeting where matters of concern are debated and legislation approved for the good order of the Anglican community.

The Synod passed a motion requesting the Bishop of Tasmania to write to the Prime Minister expressing thanks to the Federal Government for its ongoing and increased funding of the School Chaplaincy Program.

The Synod also asked me to pass on to you its thanks for your government’s defence of the legal challenge to the validity of the School Chaplaincy funding in the High Court of Australia.

Yours in appreciation,

John D Harrower OAM

Bishop of Tasmania

Response of behalf of Prime Minister Gillard:

The Hon Peter Garrett AM MP (Minister for School Education, Early Childhood and Youth)




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