Chaplaincy: Fed Review gives ‘OK’

Good news from the Federal Govt’s review of chaplaincy services in schools:

A FEDERAL investigation into the Christian group that provides religious  education in Victorian schools has found no evidence that its chaplains tried to  convert students in breach of government guidelines.

But  federal Education Minister Peter Garrett said the investigation  found   there had been no breach of the guidelines and no further action would be taken.  He  said he had received an explanation for the comments made by Dr Paddison and  was satisfied the group was not trying to convert students.

Awaiting news in October of the Victorian Education Department’s investigation into proselytising in religious instruction classes.

Legal challenge continues:

The finding comes as Victoria announced it had joined a Queensland father in  challenging the constitutional validity of the national school chaplaincy  program, arguing the scheme is beyond the federal government’s powers.

Legal observers believe the case is a test of the ability of the federal  government to use its financial muscle to bypass the states and directly fund  programs in areas that have been considered state responsibilities.

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  1. So Victoria wants Federal funding of Chaplaincy in State Schools overturned so that they can fund it instead???

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