Pray. Act. – Global poverty

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Be encouraged to set aside extra time to pray to our Heavenly Father for specific issues such as global poverty from 20-27 February.

“Why Pray?

How can prayer help when we are faced with an issue like global poverty?

Prayer reminds us of God’s priorities and power when we are dealing with big issues of justice, like poverty. When we pray, we can see the world with God’s eyes of compassion and justice rather than being hopelessly cynical, fearful or naïve about global injustice. Prayer is also a wonderful reminder to those of us who want to race out and change the world, that it is God’s power, God’s enabling and God’s mercy which make us effective. Poverty is an issue that needs action but it is vital to remember that our actions need to be built on prayer. As the Lord’s Prayer puts it, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. This points to the priority of God’s control but also the need for us to demonstrate God’s Kingdom values on earth.”  See more at Micah Challenge.

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