Model: “Losing my soul”

Personal story of a New York model’s realising what her modeling career was doing to her and turning her life to encouraging healthy lifestyles.

Her story illustrates the difficulty of Christians maintaining their faith in the modeling industry and also comments on young women and the pressures they experience to participate in unhealthy lifestyles.

America’s Next Top Model turns lobbyist for charity
Tuesday, 25 January 2011  By Jim Graves,  National Catholic Register
Extract from the full article:

Former New York model Leah Darrow quit on the spot when she realised she was about to ‘lose her soul.’ Now she’s helping others avoid media and peer pressure to act and dress merely as an object for others’ appetites.

The entertainment industry has long presented attractive young female performers in various states of undress to millions worldwide, often to young people on whom it makes a significant impact.
It’s scandalous, and a waste of time and talent, says model and Catholic speaker Leah Darrow: “There is no benefit in watching circus freaks perform. They’re using their God-given talents in unproductive ways.”

Says Darrow, “When I ask teens, ‘Are their outfits appropriate?’ They say ‘No’. But I tell them when they watch their videos over and over, they’ll begin to think the way they dress and act is no big deal. In one of Lady Gaga’s videos [Alejandro] she dresses as a nun and eats a Rosary. That’s not entertainment; it’s just a bunch of sleazy images.”
Darrow herself was once a part of the upscale fashion world in New York City and was a contestant on the reality TV show America’s Next Top Model, but had a change of heart and now works and speaks full time about chastity, modesty and women in the Church.

“My focus is on helping women be the best they can be,” she said.


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  1. Very positive article that presents a viable and healthy alternative. We can only pray that others like her stand up for values.

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