The Homilies: rich in faith

From the Very Reverend Richard Humphrey, Dean of Hobart,

Dear Friends

You have shown an interest in the part of the homily that I read at the Nine Lessons and Carols Service on Christmas Eve at the Cathedral.

The part I read from was the final section of AN HOMILY OF THE NATIVITY AND BIRTH OF OUR SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST, from Homilies Appointed to Be Read in Churches, Second Book, Homily xii.

Read here the text of THE HOMILIES in the modern spelling version and the version for those who prefer Elizabethan!

As you may know I have been doing some research on Archbishop Thomas Cranmer and his understanding of the Christian Faith.  A good understanding can be found in Homilies 1 (On Scripture), 3 (On Salvation), 4 (On Faith), 5 (On Good Works) all of which Cranmer wrote for the 1547  Book of Homilies (Now known as the Former or First Book).

 God bless
 Richard Humphrey

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