My Christmas message

My CHRISTMAS MESSAGE has been sent off to the media. Here ’tis,  

Enjoying God, enjoying life

 Apparently, coming to a bus near you is a Tasmanian version of the UK bus ads, ‘There’s probably no god. Now stop worrying and enjoy life.’

 While Christians are enjoying life and celebrating Christmas precisely because there is a loving God [the Christmas message is ‘Emmanuel, God with us’]; some atheists are worrying that there is probably no God.

 This is sad.

 It’s sad because life is to be enjoyed. How do we know this? Jesus Christ of Christmas fame told us, ‘I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance – to the full, till it overflows.’

 And what of the bus drivers and passengers in buses carrying this sad message. Give them a wave, a knowing wink and a smile. Pray for folk burdened by the possibility of the existence of a god who doesn’t want them to enjoy life; this god is the opposite of the God Christians know. Pray they may see ‘God with us’, Jesus of Nazareth.

 Jesus brings answers to life’s BIG questions:

  • Who am I? – a child of a loving God.
  • Where am I? – in God’s world.
  • What am I here for? – to love God and my neighbour.
  • Where am I going? – to share eternal life with all those who share in Jesus’ resurrection life.

 Jesus Christ, ‘God with us’, gives life, enjoyment, fulfillment, freedom to live wholeheartedly.

 The sure confidence that the God of love made us in love and for love gives Christmas its ‘Let’s party’ tune.

 Enjoy Christmas. Know that ‘God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself’ and enjoy life.

 Happy Christmas, Tasmania.

  John Harrower

Anglican Bishop of Tasmania

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