Euthanasia Report (1): Tasmanian Parliament

The “Report on the Dying with Dignity Bill 2009” by the Joint Standing Committee on Community Development of the Parliament of Tasmania¬†(No. 36) 2009 was released last week. It is critical of the Bill:

Key Finding 1. That the Dying with Dignity Bill 2009, the subject of this inquiry in its current form does not provide an adequate or concise legislative framework to permit voluntary euthanasia/physician attested suicide.

Key Finding 5. A range of evidence was provided for and against voluntary euthanasia/physician attested suicide and there was far less support for the Bill from those professionals who presented evidence.

Key Finding 16.Whilst palliative care is of a very good standard there is need to have an improved system of managment and rescources, particulary in regional areas.

Key Finding 17. There was an overwhelming agreement, in the written and verbal evidence to the  Commitee, that the Tasmanian Government needs to invest sufficient funds and resouces in palliative care services in Tasmania.

 Read the full report here


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