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Ian Harper – Profile’ in the Sydney Morning Herald by Lucinda Schmidt commences,

 Setbacks have only served to make this economist more determined.

In a perverse sort of way, economist Ian Harper’s career has been shaped largely by setbacks and disappointments, which in hindsight have proved fortuitous.  . . .

Personal philosophy What would Jesus do? My Christian beliefs supply me with behavioural ethics and the motivation and power to try to live by them – and grace and forgiveness when I don’t. 

Professor Ian Harper is the guest speaker at the Tasmanian Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast in Hobart on 14 October – be there!  If you have not yet booked: see here.


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  1. Thanks, Jonathan. It sure is an inspiring clip. Ian tells the story of the coming of grace into his life with clarity and charm. God is good. The Holy Spirit is at work in the world. PTL!

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