More student questions

At the Hutchins School I enjoyed accompanying the Chaplain, Rev Matt, during his classes. Very engaging times with the boys and their questions. Here is a sample:

  • How do we know that Jesus is real?
  • What did he really look like?
  • If Christianity is right, does that make all other religions wrong?
  • Why does God let bad things happen?
  • Do you disagree with science (evolution etc.)?
  • What is hell?
  • Why does God not appear to us now?
  • Do you ever disagree with what the Church teaches?
  • What do you think about homosexuality – homosexual marriage, for instance?
  • How do you react to child abuse in the church?
  • Euthanasia? Capital Punishment? War?
  • Why did the Bible stop 2000 years ago?
  • Dinosaurs came first – how can Adam & Eve be true?
  • Will there be another flood because of today’s evils?
Follows on my earlier post ‘How would you have gone?’  Also see: Christians and war?  Euthanasia 

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