How would you have gone?

When I visited Launceston Church Grammar School this week for my annual “Bishop’s Day” I was asked questions by the Year 6 students and also by a Year 12 Religion and Philosophy class.

These opportunities were stimulating, challenging, enjoyable and encouraging. See how you would have gone:

Year 6 questions

First, there were questions on being a Bishop…

Where do you work?
What is your job?
What’s with the collar!?
Is the ring on your finger special?
How did you become a Bishop?
Are there other bishops?
What’s an arch bishop?
Have you been criticised for being a Bishop?

Then there were questions on God…

Have you spoken to God?
Has he spoken back?
Does science disprove God?

There were questions on heaven, hell and Jesus’ return…

Will we eat food in Heaven?
Do animals go to heaven?
What age/how old will we be in heaven?
Do babies go to heaven?
What is hell like?
Is hell forever?
Do people from other religions go to hell?
When will Jesus return?

Questions on demons…

Do demons exist?
Have you seen a demon possessed person?

I was also asked to explain euthanasia.

As Chaplain Elizabeth said, “They kept you on your toes! So thanks for coming. Please pray for these students.” Yes. I will.  

Year 12 Religion and Philosophy questions  

(Thanks to Chaplain Paul for these conversation starters.)

What do you think is at the heart of Christianity?

How do you regard other denominations/strands of Christianity?

What do you think of other religions?

Sacraments are important in some strands – especially Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox. How important are sacraments to you?

What does Sunday worship in church mean to you?

How is God involved in everyday life?

How do you read and interpret the Bible?

What do you think about the creation story?

How do you deal with evil and suffering?


How would you have gone? — 2 Comments

  1. This article brings back many passionate memories of the times I have been privileged to share with you and previously Philip the challenging innocence of children. They enquire with enthusiasm and have no political motivation in their questioning. Oh to think that the world could be that way!
    I am encouraged by the appointment of Warwick Cuthbertson to this Parish.
    Great things ahead.
    Love and best wishes,
    Jon Hosford

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