Fulfillment in suffering?

Let’s not … believe in he fundamental decency of human beings, or in the possibility of finding joy – and pride, and strength – in unexpected places. Let’s not, God forbid, believe in the crazy-ass concepts of hope, or faith, or love, or imagine that some children with disabilities might have happy, fulfilled lives and light up their families’ every day.

The above affirmation of all of life is from India Knight, Isn’t She Talking Yet?

It comes in response to an article by Minette which argues for abortion,

What more powerful “social reason” could there be for an abortion than the virtual certainty that the foetus would be condemned to a life of frustration, disappointment, dependence, serious illness and poverty, to the great sorrow and hardship of its family?

India Knight is appalled and responds,

Minette writes, like a time traveller stuck forever in 1970. (All of the above could apply to, say, a soldier back from Afghanistan minus his lower limbs. Do we chuck him in the bin, too? Should we all, in fact, chuck ourselves in the bin, and be done with it?)

Stirring stuff on a vital theme – “When is a life ‘not worth living’?”
The Comments on the article are worth the read!

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