Pastoral sensitivity & euthanasia

End of life support :

‘End of life decisions are common in intensive care units. Dr Christopher Wright explains how some of these decisions are made and the practical issues around reaching them. A most sensitive pastoral approach from an experienced practitioner.’

The cost of ‘kindness’ :

‘Many people ask why we allow euthanasia for suffering pets, but not for people. Dr Denise Cooper Clarke explores the ethical side of this question.’

Dr Philip Freier, Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne, Statement regarding the Medical Treatment (Physician Assisted Dying) Bill 2008 :

‘The fear of being a burden is a major risk to the survival of those who are incurably ill; if euthanasia – understood as a deliberate medical intervention to hasten death – were to become legal then this sense of burden would greatly increase, for there would be a moral pressure to end one’s life for the sake of others.’

‘Legalising euthanasia in this way could also undermine the ideal and practice of providing ongoing love and support to the terminally or incurably ill, something which is at the core of our humanity.’

With thanks to the Melbourne Anglican for these very good resources re euthanasia.

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