Amish Encounters No.7 – If God wants you there

One of our more ‘interesting’ adventures was seeking out Ephraim, Amanda and family: see Amish Encounter No.4.

We did not have the family’s residential or church addresses or telephone numbers. And to cap it all off, their surname ‘Stoltzfus’ is the most common Amish name by a mile in Lancaster County! But, we prayed, ‘Dear Father God, we want to bring greetings, be it your will in Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit to find them’ and set off.

I will not recount the whole drama but suffice to say that through an amazing meeting caused by changed schedules at an Amish-Mennonite information centre we met a most gracious man who listened to us patiently, thought we could possibly be helped by one of the Amish ministers and drew a sketch map for us to find our way, see Map 1. We arrived to find the family at home, were received warmly and spent a most encouraging hour of fellowship with them. We were then sent on our way with another sketch map, see Map 2, although still no address. After further adventures along the way we found the family. What excitement as we brought greetings from Australia!

I invite you to check out the two sketch maps and our increased confidence in God:


Learning:  If God wants you there, it does not matter how creative or rough a map may be, you will get there.  Alternatively, if God does not want you there, no matter how good a map may be, you will not get there.


Amish Encounters No.7 – If God wants you there — 2 Comments

  1. John, I needed this reflection on God’s purposes right at this moment. I didn’t go to your blog looking fot it, but I found my way with no map at all. We have a great God. Paul

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