Amish Encounters No.3 – Sunday Worship with Amish Mennonites

We had a marvellous Sunday worshiping with Amish Mennonites and then visiting for lunch with the most gracious and warm family of Ivan and Ruth, their nine children, and grandparents.

But first, back to the 9am Sunday worship service. We were met near our B&B by the sons of Ivan and Ruth and led by car to the Amish Mennonite meeting house where men, women, boys and girls in traditional ‘plain dress’ were entering from the car park; about 100 in attendance. The carpeted meeting house had a large fellowship area and a worship area with rows of wooden pews with backs (not like the backless Old Order Amish pews).

We were met warmly at the door by Ruth with whose family we had spent the previous afternoon. Her husband, Ivan, a minister of the church was already seated having led the 7.30am baptism preparation class. The friendliness of people was evident. Although we were assured that we would be welcome to sit together, we decided to follow local custom: Gayelene sat with Ruth and the women while I was ushered to a pew on the men’s side.

The service began promptly at 9am when one of the men called out a hymn number and we all reached for the hymn books grouped in threes on the back of the pew in front. Everyone remained seated. The man who called the hymn then sang the first few words as the men joined and then the voices of the women soared in stirring song. No instruments were used. We sang five hymns, each one called by a different man; about 20 minutes.

During the last hymn four men entered the front area and sat behind the pulpit. The bishop, leader of the church congregation, welcomed all present including the guest preacher who was to speak on women’s head covering/veiling. We had been alerted to this and Gayelene had worn a scarf to respect the meeting.

The bishop gave a 25 minute devotional. The guest preacher then brought the message from 1 Corinthians 11:1-16 on women veiling as a symbol of God’s order of authority. Following the 45 minute message there was a time of testimony.

When prayer was announced we all partly stood, half-turned to face backwards and knelt with our hands resting on our pew seat. I found this movement very helpful in literally and spiritually moving into a new space to come humbly before God.

Eight young people stood before the congregation and each gave testimony as to their commitment to Christ and why they wanted to be baptized. They then left the worship area and two ministers went from member to member seeking their agreement to the baptisms and thereby the young people’s admittance into membership of the church. A significant time: very solemn.

Following the service the bishop shared with me the challenge posed by technology which makes families independent of each other and therefore threatens their connectedness; their church community. They have always worked together and indeed needed to work together. Amish had said to me, ‘the family that works together stays together’ and here I was hearing a further significant aspect, ‘the community that works together stays together’.

Their hospitality was most generous: we received three lunch invitations!

What a challenge to our own church: how many invitations do visitors at Sunday worship receive to lunch? One? Three? Or . . .?

Lunch at Ivan and Ruth’s home was literally one big happy family as we sat down at one table with Mum and Dad and their nine children. We had spent time with the family the previous day, arriving in time for the afternoon milking. We also saw turkeys being grown for Thanksgiving Day, corn crops and storage of the feed corn in silos to be used over the winter months when snow covers the ground.

Conversation roamed over life in Australia, life in the Amish Mennonite community and about what faith in Jesus means. The theme of Gospel and culture continues to fascinate me and exercise my discipleship.

And to top it all off we said farewell to Ivan and Ruth as we travelled in a genuine Amish horse and buggy with John & Naomi, the ‘New Order Amish’ couple that befriended us two days earlier and introduced us to their daughter Ruth’s family. Photographic proof follows!

We are so privileged to share in Christ’s fellowship.

Ruth & J. Ivan – corn crop in background


Horse and buggy with John & Naomi, the ‘New Order Amish’ couple that befriended us two days earlier and introduced us to their daughter Ruth’s family.





Amish Encounters No.3 – Sunday Worship with Amish Mennonites — 5 Comments

  1. Hi +John and Gayelene. I am following your Amish experience with total envy…I know envy is wrong 🙂 How wonderful for you both to experience their lifestyle. Can you tell me…how do they react to mobiles, laptops and camera’s etc. what is their food like? Is the weather where you are warm? So much to ask – I am looking forward to the next installment.

    Lots of luv

  2. Hi John and Gaylene,
    What a precious and facinating experience! I came to personal faith while living in another culture (PNG) which I have found helpul when musing on the essence of true Christian discipleship.
    Continue in Blessing

  3. Hi Sandra, We are in summer here and Lancaster County is about 27-30 degrees and a little humid but quite pleasant. Amish food is based around all that is grown on their farms and in the vegetable garden. Simple ingredients, creative cooking! See for example Chow Chow, ShooFly and Whoopie – we can personally recommend all!! See more re food at – Some of the other issues are in blog posts No.5 and 6 🙂

    Thanks, Roger. PTL indeed for Christ’s saving presence and love so relevantly shown in his Incarnation and in the life of his Spirit formed people. It is crtainly a privilege to see God’s love and life in cultures other than our own – let alone to come to know Him in that setting. Heaven is going to be a glorious celebration of peoples from all nations of the world – just great!
    Keep the faith. In christ, Shalom, John & Gayelene

  4. Hi, bishop john! I was so suprised when i found this article. John Omar and Naomi stoltzfus are my grandparents! i am married to their grandson, michael last year and they all came to Indonesia for our wedding and then i spent time with the whole family in the states for 3 months after that. it was so good to read a nice posting about them 🙂 blessings!

  5. Dear Lia,
    Greetings in Christ from Tasmania!! How wonderful to hear from you. Your grandparents are just FANTASTIC! We are so blessed in the Lord to have been rescued by them [we were wandering all around and then we were found – very biblical!] and then blessed with fellowship and being invited into their home and then into their family’s home for a meal following Sunday worship with them. How good is GOD?! 🙂
    And your own joyful news of your marriage into their family. What a joy to have been married into a Christian family and your own walk with the Lord being a blessing to all of them. And what a celebration your wedding must have been – truly international.
    Please pass our love on to the family.
    Blessings in the Lord Jesus Christ. John and Gayelene

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