Day 2, Wednesday – Zeehan to Smithton

Notes of a six day trip to the West Coast and North-West Tasmania

Prayer & breakfast in Zeehan motel room.
9.00am I emerge to find the car heavily frosted over in another sunny chilly day
9.30 ‘The Coffee Stop’ to catch up with Helen. Not long after Jill joined us but instead of one hour we had two hours as a delightful ‘God-incidence’, “Oh! Look who’s come in? Come and join us.”, led to further blessing.
11.30 Followed Jill out of Zeehan heading north to Bass Strait – Well, Somerset!

Mist and warnings of slippery road due to ice and frost. Slow and careful is the drill, ably led by our fearless MSO Jill. Roseberry Golf Course is covered in a heavy frost, sparkling white in midday sun. Tullah too is fog shrouded and cautions abound.

News 1: King Island to take and store DNA samples of its beef so that any beef being marketed as ‘King Island beef’ can be tested to see if it be so. Aim is to protect the King Island brand. If only it was as easy to protect the Anglican brand. What would the DNA be?

News 2: Animal welfare as cattle are removed from property. Role of RSPCA as working with Dept of Primary Industry clarified.

To keep me smiling: ‘Hancock’s Half Hour’. Some good laughs.

Skirting around Burnie we descend towards Camdale and suddenly through the gum trees I see the sea: Bass Strait! How stunningly beautiful. A true ‘WOW!’ moment.

1.30pm ‘Two Oaks’ at Somerset for lunch with Jill. Ah! Jude’s ‘sanga’ special.
3.00 Arrive at Smithton looking for the chapel in Emmerton Park Elderly People’s Home but waste 10 minutes lost around the grounds – if only I had read the directions more closely grrr! Graeme rescues me. I join in the Holy Communion Service being led by Revd Lorna with about 35 in attendance. Lorna’s talk on the Gospel seed of Jesus and Johnny Appleseed was creatively done.
4.15 Fellowship cuppa at parishioner’s home and some of leadership team.
5.45 Petrol down to a quarter, not bad mileage from New Norfolk – fill up.
6.00 Book into Tall Timbers, revival meeting in reception area with Kate and Karen!
7.00 Dinner meeting with Tim Hawkins and Circular Head leaders Jenny and Karen, Jonathan from Somerset Project (Connections), Kate -Ministry Asst to the Director of Ministry and MSO Jill re Youth Ministry strategy and training in the North West. I will write a separate article re the stimulating youth ministry conversation.

Ask my blog administrator to describe the marinated 500 kg beef, yes, 500 kg, that galloped over the edge of his very large chip filled plate, accompanied by a health giving garden salad, of course. Go Jonathan! You are a growing boy 🙂 Will the administrator delete this line from this article?

10.00 Back in room: no Telstra connection- no emails! Write up travel article for the blog from my notes and reading for my chapter ‘A New Openness to Change’ in book ‘The Future of the Anglican Church in Australia’ – it’s due Tuesday!

Time for prayer.


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  1. He’s probably just proud of his ability to scoff so much protein at one sitting!

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