Continuing our commitment to safe church communities

The Anglican Church of Australia has released the report of a major research project commissioned to help strengthen its child protection protocols.

Anglican Primate, Archbishop Phillip Aspinall, said the research project was the first of its kind in Australia, with a project by the Roman Catholic Church in the USA being the only similar undertaking anywhere in the world. Archbishop Aspinall said,

“While this report is aimed at strengthening our child protection protocols as we look to the future, it also reminds us of the tragic events of the past and of the pain which still exists. We reiterate our apology, our sorrow and our deep regret for abuse which has occurred.”

In Tasmania we continue our efforts in this area. Of the report’s 8 recommendations we have implemented 7 and the remaining one is a national form that needs developing and which we are working on. I am grateful for this report and ask that parishes continue their work in providing safe church communities.

Click here for the full report, Study of Reported Child Sexual Abuse in the Anglican Church, the executive summary and the recommendations (see at the lower right hand side of the link page).

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