The Cross in My Pocket: continuing blessings

I received a lovely note from Barbara Griffiths of St Leonard’s Parish when I returned from my annual leave recently:

I wanted to share with you about this lady who was a visitor from England at St Peters.  She was telling me about this cross she had in her pocket, that went with her everywhere,  I shared with her the fact I had bought a card from Griffith when we were there a few weeks ago, with ‘The Cross in my pocket’ poem on it.

We then went together into our new (St Leonard’s Parish) building, and I opened the package with the new Tas Anglican (magazine) in it only to see the front page.  I turned and showed it to her.  She beamed and said “I want to take one with me back home”.

A great joy to her and to me.Cross in pocket

To read my article ‘The Cross in My Pocket’ in the August Tas Anglican click here.

The photo on the left is of my Mother’s card, ‘The Cross in My Pocket’.

The front cover of the Tas Anglican that Barbara speaks of can be viewed here.




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