An Irresponsible Youth

Lent is an annual season within the Church’s calendar to review our life and restore our relationship with God and with one another.

Some years ago I received the following letter signed, “An Irresponsible Youth”.  It is a good example of reviewing our life and wherever possible seeking to set things straight.

Dear Bishop,

A short time ago my wife heard on the T.V. that some men had stolen some bottles of wine from a restaurant when there was a black-out (electrical) here.  My wife said “How awful!”

Her remark called to mind an incident in my life some 70 years ago, I had never given it thought.

I was in Hobart for a sporting event.  We were strolling through the Town.  In what seemed to be a public corridor, saw on a door a notice written on a piece of wood (about 12 inches long) painted white and on the wood written in black paint (by hand) the words “Bishop of Tasmania”.

We were in a happy mood.  I said “What a souvenir!”  I screwed it off and took it. (Not of great value)  I remember feeling proud of such a souvenir, “What pride!” I thought now, I didn’t think of the wrong I did, then No, now Yes.  It probably was a depot for merit for some purpose.  I say now after such a long time.  In essence it was, depravation of the property of another and inconvenience to him.

Feeling regret I enclose $50.00. Pay it into the funds of your church, or give it to a poor person, or do with it what you will.  I am sorry to have done such a foolish thing and to have forgotten it.

God Bless You,

Yours sincerely

An Irresponsible Youth.

I forwarded the money involved in this act of penance and prayed for the man. As there was no name or address I was unable to respond personally to thank this “Irresponsible Youth” who was making restitution and peacemaking.

I am blessed by this letter and act which includes the powerful words: “I am sorry to have …”

May God give me the clarity and courage to say, “I am sorry to have …” and to thus seek reconciliation with people and God.

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