3 cheers for Abp Adrian

Australia Day call from Australia’s Roman Catholic bishops to limit the detention of asylum seekers to a maximum of 3 months and

Urging the (political) parties to develop a joint approach, so humans do not become  political pawns, the bishops said:

“To honour the Australian sense of justice  and compassion, there must be a defined limit to incarceration in detention  centres for people who are not criminals.”

From my Tasmanian colleague, Hobart Archbishop Adrian Doyle,

We should be particularly proud of  Australia’s generosity over the years in providing refuge to vulnerable people  fleeing their homelands. It’s important that we also remember the men, woman and  children being held in detention centres.

Article, Bishops call for detention limits.  Let’s hope the politicians pay attention.

See also,  Churches’ humane call asylum seekers.

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