The Dean: Praying 4 Norway

Message sent from the Dean of Hobart:

Praying for Norway and your Cathedral

To the Dean of Oslo Cathedral

Dear Olav

I write to assure you of our prayers for your Country and Cathedral. Sadly we have experienced such senseless loss in our own Tasmanian community with the Port Arthur Massacre just over 15 years ago and are aware of the ongoing impact of such events. We set apart at that time a portion of our Cathedral as The Chapel of Hope so that people could pray in the midst of tragedy and the Chapel remains for that purpose today.

It is our prayer that the risen Christ will bring hope to your community, that the Father of all comfort with be with all those who
have suffered loss and that the Holy Spirit will intercede for those who do not know how or what to pray.

I and Bishop John Harrower particularly pray for you and your Bishop and the load that this will bring on you both that you will be
sustained through it so you may be able to console others.

Yours in Christ’s service

Richard Humphrey

Dean of Hobart


Also background information, Norwegian killer: a Christian fundamentalist?

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