Euthanasia debate

Dr. Andrew Pesce, President of the AMA and Paul Russell debated Dr. Nitschke and NSW Greens MLC, Cate Faerhmann on euthanasia & assisted suicide at Sydney Uni. From Paul Russell,

It was an excellent event attended by about 150 people. A credit to the Sydney University Union for putting the event on in what was a most respectful atmosphere.

I’m not the best judge of how we faired on the day, but a number of students both pro and con indicated that, had there been a score, Dr. Pesce and I would have won the day.

You can find the text of my speech on the HOPE website at Q&A style debate with Dr. Nitschke. [The videos are listed below 14 June 2011]

I’m a firm believer in human dignity and, for me, that demands civility and respect even for those whose beliefs I most vehemently oppose. But I must say, it troubled me greatly to hear Dr. Nitschke describe the circumstances of the death of Bob Dent under the NT Rights of the Terminally Ill legislation when he calmly admitted, ‘I killed him’.

HOPE: preventing euthanasia & assisted suicide –

The videos can be seen at the following links:

Part 1: Cate Faehrmann:
Part 2: Paul Russell
Part 3: Philip Nitschke
Part 4: Andrew Pesce

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