Islamic Scholar Attacks Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws

After the assassination of Punjab Govenor, Salmaan Taseer, prominent Islamic scholar, Javed Ahmad Ghamidi, spoke out against Pakistan’s blasphemy laws. He claims the Islamic councils are “telling lies to people” and that there is no foundation for them from the Qu’ran or Hadith.

“The scholar’s troubles highlight the shrinking space for debate in Pakistan, where Taseer’s death has emboldened the religious right, prompting mass street rallies in favour of his killer, Mumtaz Qadri. Liberal voices have been marginalised; many fear to speak out. Mainstream political parties have crumbled, led by the ruling Pakistan People’s party, which declared it will never amend the blasphemy law.”

“Sherry Rehman, a PPP parliamentarian who proposed changes to the legislation, was herself charged with blasphemy this week. Since Taseer’s death she has been confined to her Karachi home after numerous death threats, some issued publicly by clerics. Although other Islamic scholars share Ghamidi’s views on blasphemy, none dared air them so forcefully. “Ghamidi is a voice of reason in a babble of noises seemingly dedicated to irrationality,” said Ayaz Amir, an opposition politician and opinion columnist.”

The rest of the article here: “Islamic Scholar Attacks Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws” also, Peace making shot down.

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