Christians Answering Atheists

A new website all about “Christianity and Atheism” is up and running, created by the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne. On this website you can explore:

  • articles
  • read book summaries
  • review questions and answers
  • access related blogs all about Christianity and Atheism

Here is an excerpt from their website (

“The new atheists have recently gained a good deal of publicity around the world. Rather than lament this state of affairs, we can welcome this as a wake-up call to be better prepared to engage in debate and conversation with them. This brochure provides suggested responses to some of the issues atheists raise as objections to religion and faith in God.

“Our conversation with atheists should always be conducted with courtesy, recognizing that we are all men and women in the image of God. We need to listen with grace, humility and love and to respond to with the best arguments we can muster. However, we must be mindful that our faith is in Jesus Christ, not in a set of propositions!”– From the Christianity and Atheism Committee, August 2010.

The “Christians Answering Atheists” brochure gives Biblically sound answers to several common, yet difficult questions atheists ask:

  • Can you prove God exists?
  • Was the world created or did it evolve?
  • Doesn’t Christianity cause violence and wars?
  • How can you believe in a God who allows evil and suffering?

You can download the brochure or email if you would like an order form for the “Christians Answering Atheists” brochure.

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