Ramadan 1431/2010 has begun

UNBROKEN cloud and rain last night did not delay Ramadan 1431 in the Islamic calendar for Melbourne’s Muslims today, as hundreds of eagle-eyed Muslims around the country took to good vantage points to spot the crescent moon.

The holy month of fasting begins only after sighting of the new moon is confirmed. In days before mass communication, a cloudy evening would be declared ”a day of doubt” and fasting deferred.

See Crescent moon rises for Muslims to begin fasting (Melbourne) and from Aljazeera, Muslims begin Ramadan observance.

A good explanation of Ramadan includes A Challenge for Christians:

Ramadan is a challenge to Christians. It challenges our lack of discipline, especially in prayer and fasting. It challenges us with the fact that so few Muslims have become followers of Jesus. It is also an extremely strategic time for us as Christians to believe that God would sovereignly reveal Himself to those who do not yet know Him.

Christians pray for Muslims: info  30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World using the 30 Days 2010 Prayer Booklet.  

Also Muslim and Christian Prayer at Ramadan.

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