Gillard’s atheism an issue?

Two of my mates have differing responses:

More forgiving is Robert Forsyth, senior bishop and second in command of Australia’s Anglican Church [Not quite accurate, but hey! Why not? Rob’s great :-)] . Having recently met the PM, and believing that she respects the beliefs of others, Mr Forsyth says: ”I think she’s a good model for religious freedom. Personally I’d like her to know God, but I have no concern that our prime minister is an atheist ‚Ķ I think that anyone who wants to lead has to believe in right and wrong. I believe that she does.”

However, Reverend Mark Durie, vicar of St Mary’s Anglican Church in Caulfield, says he’s not happy about ”the PM’s domestic arrangements (living in a de facto relationship) – I don’t think it’s a good model for others”.

He also wonders what kind of atheist Ms Gillard is. ”If you believe we are all just lumps of dirt, the result of a series of evolutionary accidents, of course this affects how you value the dying, the unborn, the disabled, the environment, human sexuality and marriage,” he says.

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