Euthanasia push in the UK

It seems that Tasmania and the UK have a euthanasia push on at the moment. The Telegraph UK has good coverage and reports that some of Britain’s most senior legal figures and religious leaders have added their voices to the growing disquiet over proposals that could pave the way to the legalisation of euthanasia. They aim to stop a Lords amendment that they fear would pave the way to “legalising euthanasia”.

Interesting comment on the role of religious leaders in British parliamentary system and this,

‘There has been much reticence among religious leaders in general and the 26 Lords Spiritual who sit in the House of Lords in particular about getting involved in this debate again. They fear that the euthanasia lobby would like nothing better than to characterise the issue as a simple choice between religion and secularism.’

Closer to home a report from Melbourne quoting Roman Catholic Bishop Prowse,

“I see nothing ennobling, no validation of human dignity, in suicide. We must do all we can to make the benefits of palliative care accessible.”

Bishop Prowse said that palliative care gives tremendous comfort and support to the terminally ill.

Mr Larkins, Chief Executive Officer of Palliative Care Victoria, told The Age recently that feedback from loved ones of palliative care patients showed a 98 percent to 99 percent satisfaction with treatment.

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